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Thank you for signing up! As a thanks, here are some small things you can do every day to help you create a better daily sense of wellness. Challenge yourself to put one or two of these into practice today:

  • Examine your self-talk and eliminate defining labels. Replace “I am…” statements with “I feel…” to describe experiences rather than define yourself. Be mindful of assigning limiting labels to yourself or others.
  • Challenge yourself to do small things that go against societal norms or expectations. Go against the grain in little ways to embrace your authentic self.  
  • Make a list of your values, ideals and identifiers. Note which are self-created or externally imposed. Re-evaluate imposed beliefs to determine if they align with your true self. Let go of external expectations that don’t serve your authenticity.
  • Identify qualities you wish you embodied more of, like confidence or patience. Examine if any external beliefs hold you back from developing these qualities. Adjust your beliefs accordingly.
  • Give yourself permission to embrace eccentricities and quirks that make you uniquely you. Don’t conform to expectations that suppress your individuality. Celebrate the things that make you authentically you, even if they seem odd to others.
  • Consider finding a hypnotherapist to help reframe subconscious beliefs and attachments you have that limit your personal growth and authentic expression. Use hypnosis as a tool for self-discovery.
  • Read books and consume media about existential philosophy and authentic living. Surround yourself with messages that reinforce being true to yourself without putting yourself in an echo chamber.

The key is increasing self-awareness, evaluating your beliefs, letting go of limiting external norms, and fully embracing your most authentic self, quirks and all. Live by your own ideals and definitions, not those imposed on you. You deserve to be you. Read more in All in Your Head!